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The Beginning

It all began in Mancea. A group of four young humans, having met and bonded over weeks of training in their respective talents, decided to pool their resources and set out on the road to riches and adventure.

Brooke Windhammer, a tough young lady warrior, trained by her father, Trevor.

Leonidas Metagame, a ranger specialized in the art of archery.

Cypress Hawthorne, a cleric following in the footsteps of his priestly father, Damien.

Imar Natafxi, an artificer combining the skills of a mage, cleric, and rogue.

April 1st, 607CY. Following a map given to them by Damien Hawthorne, the group left Mancea headed for Drellin’s Ferry to investigate Vraath Keep. Before leaving the city they ran afoul of an imp and animated items in the house of Imar’s mentor, Andolyn, where they saved her husband Gendrew from a horrible calzone golem, the greasy construct having run amok in the house.

Hiring themselves out to Mojon, a traveling tradesman, the group set out to escort his two wagon caravan from Mancea to Drellin’s Ferry. Stopping for lunch between Dajon and Jonpar, a raven flew out of nowhere and snatched away Mojon’s key ring, flying off and leading the four adventurers to a cave filled with goblins. Dispatching the evil humanoids, the group followed a hobgoblin into a buried laboratory, where he died giving life to a skeletal dragon named Galethugah. Battle raged and the group emerged victorious, discovering a letter from someone called Wyrmlord Koth and referring to the People of the Dragon.

Investigating the ruined laboratory, the heroes found several magical items. Brooke laid claim to a magic sword, and Cypress took a strange magic ring.

April 4th, 670CY. Arriving in Jonpar the group met Leonidas’ mother, Martia. She told the heroes how she had become cursed years ago, and that her health was deteriorating. Agreeing to vanquish the source of the curse, an undead monstrosity in a ruined temple to the Nameless One, Leonidas then took up his father’s magic bow, said to have helped generations of Metagames. Gathering supplies, the party sets out to free Mother Metagame from her curse.


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